About Sofia Orthopaedics

Sofia Orthopaedics LLC was established in 2012 to satisfy the requests of clients who demand high quality medical devices and orthopedic soft goods at affordable prices.

Salvatore Calabrese is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years as a medical device designer, manufacturer and distributor focusing on the development of innovative products, execution of critical organizational strategies and implementation of tactical operations. He is a mission driven, goal oriented and award winning leader recognized for his fundamental commitment to providing products and services that continually exceeds client expectations.


JAN 21, 2001

The 2000 Family Business of the Year Award was presented to Salvatore Calabrese and the Philadelphia Cervical Collar Company.  MORE

JAN 28, 2001

In 2000, the Mass Mutual Financial Group and the United States Chamber of Commerce awarded Salvatore Calabrese and the Philadelphia Cervical Collar Company with the Blue Chip Enterprise Award.  MORE